Granola is like cereal, but better

YAVA granola is a delicious, convenient combination of tasty, nutritious ingredients that you can see -- all with a delicious crunch! YAVA granola features the traditional rolled oats, combined with a Bali-centric combination of puffed red rice, cashews and various dried fruits (even chocolate!). Mixed and baked until perfectly crunchy, YAVA brings together the best combination of delicious, convenient and nutritious!

Ways to Use Granola

In a bowl with milk and fruit, on top of oatmeal, combined with another cereal -- or by hand from the bag, "any time" and "any where" is right for YAVA granola.

Recipe Creations with YAVA

Super Breakfast

Super easy breakfast with YAVA.

Granola Steamed Sponge Cake

Simple cake recipe for special moments.

Bugis Mandi Granola

Sweet & Savory snack recipe with YAVA Granola

Pisang Papaday Granola

Simple recipe idea for sweet & savory snacks

Why Granola?

Heart Health
Research has shown that Whole Oats are protective for heart health.
Gut Health
Whole grains provide healthy dietary fiber that promote a healthy gut. YAVA granola uses only whole grains.
Reduce Obesity
A diet rich in fiber from whole grains has been shown to help reduce obesity.