The Best Quality Ingredients Make the Best-Tasting (and Most Healthy) Foods.

In fact, the word "YAVA" is from Sanskrit and its meanings include "whole grains and good fortune." Kind of a perfect fit for what YAVA creates!

We carefully choose our ingredients from the farmers of Bali & eastern Indonesia – we hope you can taste the difference too!


YAVA Build Recipes to Create the Best Taste AND Nutrition

YAVA builds its recipes for delicious nutrition -- and the right ingredients make all the difference.

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If we wouldn't use it in our home kitchen, we don't put it in YAVA foods.  
Here's where we draw the line.

You'll never find these in a YAVA bag.  

No Preservatives
No Artificial Colors or Flavors
No Sugar Alcohols or Artificial Sugars
No Animal Products. 100% Plant-Based
Always Baked, Never Fried