YAVA is building the health of rural villages in eastern Indonesia. A "healthy village" has adequate jobs available and fair markets for small farmers. Empowering women is a critical ingredient of our building village capacity.

YAVA takes on this challenging work enthusiastically – and seriously. So, we keep score. You're invited to return frequently to track our progress along with us. See our latest mission report here.

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Our Mission in Numbers

During 2021 at our production facilities in Desa Ban, Bali and Oka, Flores.



Farm products bought & processed: 826 Tons



Getting cashews out of the shell, and making granola from scratch (from fresh fruits!) takes a lot of work!



Women, portion of leaders



Women, portion of total employees


Glycemic Index

White Sugar replaced with low-glycemic index Lontar Palm Sugar

* Including permanent (about ½), and contract and daily (about ½)
** Team leaders through department leaders


AnaKardia Kids is located on-site at our factory and hosts 50 children daily. The unusual name comes from the Latin word for the cashew tree anacardium occidentale and the inconesian word for child (anak).

AnaKardia Kids gives the children of Desa Ban a head start in life by providing a safe, healthy and enriching early learning environment. We are proud to give the children of our community a chance ..

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Highlight Anakardia Kids

We are happy to witness every milestone taken by Anakardia Kids!

3 of Anakardia students competing in "Coloring Competition for Kindergartens", held by The Education, Youth & Sport
4 of Anakardia students competing in "Developing an Extraordinary of Creativity", held by Alfa Prima Campus
Anakardia Kids & Teachers participated in various competitions for all Pre-School held by the Pusat Kegiatan Gugus (PKG)


YAVA takes the livelihoods of our farmers and the use of local land seriously. Our farmer engagement includes instructing about sustainable farming techniques, creating Village Drying Centers, and the improving cashew trees through a seeding nursery distribution program.

YAVA works with our supplying local farmers as long-term partners.  This takes two forms:

  1. Providing fundamental information on sustainable practices such as mulching, pruning and using locally available fertilizers, and 
  2. Collaborating to improve or create new crop economic opportunities. 
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Below are a few examples of our projects:

Village Drying Centers (VDCs), now can be found throughout the area.
Cashew Variety Improvement. Bigger cashew nuts, doubled yield.
Rosella. Emerged as a crop farmers could grow to improve their incomes - and which we could put to good use
Nira to Juru. Improving the supply, to allow us to use it to replace other sugars in our foods