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Why is the packaging now thinner and there is no absorber/silica gel

The old packaging was thicker because there was a layer of kraft paper, meanwhile the new packaging is without kraft paper.  

The new packaging has an aluminum layer and does not use an absorber/silica gel because the aluminum layer has a strong stability, it is very unlikely that air/water in the environment can transmit into the packaging causing the product to become sluggish/rancid. The purpose of using an absorber is to absorb moisture in the packaging which is usually comes from the environment that is transmitted into the package.

Why are the Krispi Puffs and Popcorn’s package are easy to deflate ?

This only happened at the beginning of the process, when the production team and mechanics were adjusting to the new packaging thus the inflating level is not stable at the start. Currently there is no deflated product, the level of inflating process is good.

Why do consumers find it difficult to distinguish one flavor from another?

The main indicator of product differences is in the product category names such as Granola Bites, Krispi Puffs, Popcorn etc. And another indicator that is no less important is information text related to flavor profiles, such as Chocolate Vanilla, Coconut Banana, etc.
From the visual, each flavor profile has a specific color that is different from one another, the color in the logo follows the color of the flavor profile. And also assisted by displaying the main raw materials of each of these flavors. As in the Granola Bites Chocolate Banana packaging, on the front of the package, the visual of chocolate and banana slices are displayed. We will make improvements to be able to accommodate the differences in products and flavors on the next packaging.



Why is the Go'Nola package hard to open?

The cutter seal cut is not sharp enough, it is still a continuous improvement.

GBCV and chocolate Popcorn’s taste are more bitter?

Actually, the taste is more typical of cocoa, because the YAVA recipe uses cocoa mass/cacao liquor so the taste is a bit more bitter than the previous recipe. The previous recipe only uses cocoa powder which tastes more savory/less bitter.

Consumers are looking for the mountain picture, our brand is known for the mountain logo?

East Bali Cashews has now transformed into YAVA. YAVA is taken from Sanskrit which means whole grain and good fortune. YAVA is here to make quality granola for breakfast and delicious and healthy snacks for the family.

Popcorn’s size is smaller than before?

We are working to return the popcorn to closer to the original size.  A change in ingredients to use more healthy sugar led to a process change that made the popcorn smaller.  We will fix this.

Ziplock in transition packaging is less sticky

For the old EBC packaging, we found that the ziplock is not strong enough, but this has been complained to the vendor and there have been improvements afterwards, for the new YAVA packaging, so far the ziplock is still strong.