YAVA granola helps you and your family start your day right -- especially when time is running short!

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Have YAVA Popcorn to hang out with family or friends!

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Have YAVA granola bites for breakfast on-the-go!

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Chocolate Vanilla

YAVA mixes cacao from Sulawesi with vanilla, creamy cashews and crispy granola clusters -- all to bring you the big smiles!

  • Wild-Harvested Cashews
  • Crisp Whole Grain Rolled Oats & Red Rice
  • Cacao from Sulawesi
  • With Lontar Sugar


Look for Your Favorites

What is


Thanks for asking! YAVA granola is a delicious, convenient combination of tasty, nutritious ingredients -- that you can see and understand! YAVA granola features the traditional rolled oats, combined with a Bali-centric combination of puffed red rice, cashews and various dried fruits (even chocolate!). Mixed and baked until perfectly crunchy, YAVA brings together the best combination of delicious, convenient and nutritious!

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Fast and Easy to prepare for breakfast

Enjoy granola for your morning breakfast, while working, or snacking while hanging out with friends.

Ways to use granola

Eat YAVA granola with milk, yogurt, fresh fruit, on top of oatmeal, as a dessert topping -- or straight from the bag. It is up to you!




Simply: The Best Ingredients Make the Best Foods.

Learn more about the ingredients we choose that make YAVA so delicious:

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YAVA builds its recipes for delicious nutrition -- and the right ingredients make all the difference.

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Here's where we draw the line on what we include in our foods.
You'll never find these in a YAVA bag:

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In 2012, a medical volunteer arrived in Desa Ban. He soon understood that many villagers suffered from health problems that shared a common cause: lack of sufficient income. This born-entrepreneur created YAVA to fix these problems and raise up similar rural communities across eastern Bali and Indonesia.

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