Coconut Banana

YAVA mixes coconut flakes, sweet Santan bananas, tangy rosella-dusted sorghum cubes and crispy granola clusters -- all to bring you the big smiles!

YAVA picks whole grains, nuts and fruits from across the islands of eastern Indonesia to create delicious breakfasts & snacks.

  • Wild-Harvested Cashews
  • Coconut from Karangasem
  • Crisp Whole Grain Rolled Oats & Red Rice
  • With Lontar Sugar


Rolled Oats (22.2%), Lontar Sugar (14.1%), Red Rice (12.6%), Cashews (11.9%), Coconut (10.8%), Banana (10.8%), Coconut Oil (6.8%), Mung Bean (4.9%), Sorghum (3.4%), Sea Salt (1.5%), Rosella (0.7%), Natural Vanilla Flavoring, Lime Juice, Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate (Baking Soda). Contains allergens, see the list of ingredients in bold. Manufactured on equipment that processes products containing sesame seeds and peanuts.